4 Common Construction Injuries

Construction workers have a challenging job, one that is even often dangerous. Working on a construction site can be hazardous, and workers should be aware of the risks involved with their profession.

Construction accidents can lead to severe injuries, some of which can have long-lasting or even permanent damage. These are four of the most common injuries that construction workers may face.


Since many construction projects require workers to use ladders or work on scaffolding high above the ground, falls are a prevalent accident. Even if you’re wearing a hard hat, falling from a significant height can cause severe head injuries. They can also lead to broken bones. Either type of injury can lead to long-term rehabilitation that can affect your livelihood.


Construction sites may use hazardous chemicals, or explosions to help complete their projects. However, these factors can be dangerous for workers and cause severe burns.

Whether you’re injured by a fire or exposed electrical wiring, burns can lead to temporary or permanent scarring, nerve damage and other serious injuries. It’s essential to follow all safety protocols when working with these kinds of items.

Hearing loss

Everyone has experienced a loud construction site – whether passing by in a car or from your home while doing renovations. Construction workers, who spend many hours in these noisy environments, can become susceptible to hearing loss due.

Workers should consider using earplugs to minimize hearing damage from loud machinery and equipment.

Stress injuries

Construction work includes a lot of lifting and hauling of heavy material, equipment and other objects. The repetitive physical labor can result in a severe stress injury.

Stress injuries can include muscle or joint damage and often occur in your back, knees, or neck. They can make it challenging to complete even the simplest tasks.

How to receive compensation

If you sustain a severe injury on a construction site, you deserve the chance to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Workers’ compensation can cover the damages of your injury and any loss of wages. Talk to an experienced attorney soon after your accident to receive benefits that can help you recover more quickly.

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