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The Dangers of Sharing the Road With Millennials


Millennial drivers receive a lot of flak related to texting, drinking, driving and otherwise making dangerous moves behind the wheel, but how much of the criticism they receive is actually warranted? According to USA Today, millennials are, in fact, engaging in many dangerous and distracted driving behaviors at far higher rates than those in other age groups, so you may be wise to be wary of sharing the road with them.

Millennial drivers are engaging in dangerous driving practices to such an extent that almost 90 percent of those involved in a recent survey admitting to taking part in risky behaviors while driving within the last month. Some admitted to running red lights, while others admitted to speeding, texting and related concerning behaviors.

Millennial drivers vs motorists in other age groups

Statistics indicate millennial drivers often take unnecessary risks while behind the wheel, such as speeding in school zones. In actuality, almost 12 percent of millennial drivers surveyed reported they felt it was acceptable behavior to drive 10 mph over the posted speed limit within a school zone. Comparatively, only about 5 percent of drivers across all other age groups felt the same way.

Similarly, almost half of all millennial drivers involved in the survey reported running red lights even though they could have just as easily waited, while only about 40 percent of the rest of the population reported doing the same. The same holds true when it comes to texting or sending emails while using a vehicle’s controls, with nearly 60 percent of millennial drivers admitting to doing so. Meanwhile, only about 30 percent of drivers in other age groups admitted to doing the same.

These are just some of the ways in which millennial drivers are taking unnecessary risks while behind the wheel, but when they choose to do so, they place you and everyone else on the road in danger.