Truck Drivers Have Very Strict Rules Against Alcohol Consumption

We all know that it can be dangerous for people to drink alcohol and drive. It is dangerous for any driver of a vehicle to drink and drive, but it is even more dangerous for truck drivers.

When truck accidents occur it can be very devastating to the other vehicles involved in the accidents and it is important that truck drivers drive as safe as possible. Therefore, the rules for alcohol use are even more strict than for other drivers on the road. Truck drivers are prohibited from drinking any alcohol within four hours before going on duty. They also are prohibited from have any concentration or presence of alcohol while on duty. If the driver violates this rule, they must be prohibited from working for a period of 24 hours afterwards.

Truck accidents can be devastating mainly due to the drastic size difference between trucks and other vehicles on the road. They can cause severe injuries that completely change the victims’ lives. If the truck driver caused the accident, whether it was because the truck driver consumed alcohol or for another reason, the victim may be entitled to compensation from the truck driver and/or the trucking company. This compensation can pay for medical expenses, lost income and other damages that may arise due to the accident.

It is never a good idea for anyone to drink and drive in Pennsylvania, but this is especially true for truck drivers. Not only is it dangerous, it is also illegal for truck drivers to consume any alcohol prior to driving or any alcohol concentration while working. Despite this, truck drivers sometimes violate this rule or other regulations that lead to accidents and cause catastrophic injuries. If this occurs, truck drivers may need to compensate the victims.

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