Truck Accidents Are More Common Than Many Realize

People see large trucks on the road every day in Pennsylvania. Some people can find them annoying because they drive slower and do not accelerate as quickly. Also, sometimes it can be scary not knowing whether a truck driver sees other drivers when they are travelling next to them. Well beyond the annoyances they can cause, they also are involved in many truck accidents every year as well. The damage and injuries suffered in these accidents can be devastating.

In 2015, there were 415,000 truck accidents in the United States. 3,598 of these accidents resulted in fatalities to people involved in the accident and people were injured in 83,000 of the accidents. Overall, there were 4,050 large trucks involved in the 3,598 fatal accidents and a total of 87,000 large trucks involved in the 83,000 accidents involving injuries. This represented an8 percent increase in the number of trucks involved in fatal accidents, but a 1 percent decrease in the number of trucks involved in injury-related accidents.

What the statistics do not show is how the injuries and fatalities affect the victims and their families. These injuries can be life-changing injuries and reshape the rest of the victims’ lives. They can also be very costly for the victim and their family. Medical costs rise quickly and if the victims are unable to work, they are losing income on top of the medical costs. Luckily, the victims may be entitled to compensation from the truck driver and the trucking company.

Truck accidents can be very devastating and completely change lives. The compensation victims may be entitled to can be very important and valuable for recovery.

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