Pennsylvania Offers New Motorcycle Program to Improve Safe Riding

Spring is arriving in Pennsylvania. The temperatures will be rising, the grass is turning green and leaves will return to the trees. More people will start being able to enjoy the outdoors again. There are many things to do outside when the temperatures rise. One of these activities is riding motorcycles. As the temperatures continue to rise, more and more motorcycles will be on the roads, and all drivers need to drive safely to protect these riders.

To help reduce the number of motorcycle accidents and injuries to the motorcyclists and others involved in the accidents, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is offering new safety classes for motorcyclists of all different ages and experience levels. There are three main classes offered. One for beginners, one for intermediate riders and one for experienced riders. All three courses are a little different, but every one of them teach techniques for swerving, braking and decision making, so people do not take unnecessary risks.

The hope is that by improving motorcyclists’ knowledge and decision-making skills, that motorcyclists will be able to avoid and prevent accidents. However, these classes only are for the motorcyclists. Many times, the cause of the accident is not the fault of the motorcyclist, but is the fault of the other motorists on the road. Following the advice from the classes may allow some motorcyclists to avoid getting into an accident, but many motorcyclists who do nothing wrong will end up in accidents, and many will suffer serious injuries that could change their lives forever.

Unfortunately, even the safest motorcyclists in Pennsylvania could end up in an accident. Often times due to the lack of protection, the motorcyclists suffer significant injuries, which can be very costly for the victims. They may want to seek compensation for their damages. This could provide them with the opportunity to recover financially from the accident.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, “PennDOT announces new motorcycle training for 2018” March 22, 2018

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