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How You Can Stay Safe on Your Late Night Strolls


The kids are asleep, and it is the perfect time to get in your daily jog or clear your head with a nighttime stroll. It is dark outside, and there is light traffic. However, it is crucial that you stay safe as a pedestrian. This time is common for pedestrians at risk of suffering a personal injury. The darker it gets outside, the more difficult it may be for drivers to see you.

In 2013, 72 percent of pedestrian fatalities in traffic incidents occurred when it was dark outside. It is a safe practice for pedestrians to wear bright clothing or walk with a flashlight when it is dark. Implementing those strategies may increase your visibility for drivers.

Tips for pedestrians to practice safety

Along with increasing your visibility to drivers, you can apply other safety practices as a pedestrian:

  • Cross the street at designated crosswalks or pathways
  • If you are commuting with music playing from a mobile device, lower down the audio near vehicles
  • Look both ways when crossing the street
  • Avoid looking or texting on a mobile device when crossing the street
  • Make eye contact with drivers so they can signal you when needed during crossings

Applying these tips will not guarantee your safety as a negligent driver may still present danger to a pedestrian. If you are in a situation where you are harmed by a negligent driver, there may be options to seek legal help. These are just some tips to better care for yourself when going outside for stroll during the dark.