Occupations That Result in the Most Workplace Injuries

There is a chance that people can suffer injuries or develop illnesses no matter what type of job they have. These injuries and illnesses can be very devastating for the victim and their families. Some result in significant medical bills and force the employees to miss work as well, which means they will lose income as well.

However, despite the fact that a person can be injured doing any type of job, some are much more dangerous than others. Recently, a study analyzed many different types of jobs and the number of injuries suffered in those jobs.

The most dangerous jobs are: agricultural workers, supervisors of construction workers, farmers and ranchers, truck drivers, iron and steel workers, garbage and recycling workers, roofers, pilots and flight engineers, fishers and other related jobs, and the most dangerous job is logging.

Injuries can be very serious and result in not only physical injuries, but can also create financial difficulties as well. People can incur significant medical bills while at the same time losing income if they are unable to work. This can create a very difficult situation as people try to provide for themselves and their families. However, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to assist with these financial difficulties.

There are many people who are injured on the job in Pennsylvania each year. If the injury occurred while the person was working they may be entitled to workers’ compensation to ease the difficulties. However, workers’ compensation insurers may try to minimize injuries or force workers back to work too soon. Experienced attorneys understand these tactics and may be a useful resource.

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