Most Motorcycle Accidents With Cars Are the Car Driver’s Fault

There are many motorcycle riders in Pennsylvania and this time of year is obviously the most popular time of year to ride. So, there are many motorcycles on the roads every day. While other drivers may realize this, it is not always on the forefront of their minds. On many occasions they may have lapses and do not look out for them when doing simple things such as changing lanes or taking a left hand turn.

This can lead to motorcycle accidents which often times are much worse for the motorcycle rider given their lack of protection. On top of the fact that the rider generally suffers the worst after accidents with other vehicles, in two-thirds of these accidents, the other driver causes the accidents. Most of these accidents also occur at intersections and many times it is because the driver of the other vehicle simply does not see the motorcycle. So, riders suffer severe injuries and, in many situations, are not doing anything wrong.

The injuries suffered in these accidents can lead to surgeries, long hospital stays, extensive rehabilitation and medical equipment, all of which are very expensive. So, the medical bills can add up very quickly as a result of the accident. The rider can also lose income as well if the injury prohibits them from working for a long period of time. These riders may be entitled to compensation though from the driver who caused the accident. This compensation can pay for these medical expenses and other costs associated with the accident.

There are many aspects of riding motorcycles, which make it such a popular activity. However, it does come with risks since they are much smaller than the other vehicles on the road. While they are a little tougher to see, it does not relieve the other driver’s duty to avoid them. If the other drivers do cause a motorcycle accident they may be required to compensate the victim for their actions. Experienced attorneys understand how important this compensation can be and may be able to help protect riders’ rights.

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