There Are Strict Rules for Use of Cellphones by Truck Drivers

There are many dangers on the roads in Pennsylvania, some of which are due to the actions of other drivers. This is especially true when a driver is distracted while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there are many distractions such as other people in the vehicle, abnormal events on the side of the roads and probably the biggest distraction — phones. People can do so much with their phones now and many feel the need to multitask with them while driving.

This is dangerous enough for those driving cars, but it can be even more dangerous for truck drivers. When drivers get into truck accidents, the damages can be devastating. Trucks are so much larger than other vehicles that it does not take much for a truck to destroy other vehicles, leaving the victims with catastrophic injuries or even killing them. Trying to recover from these injuries is very difficult and in many situations the victims never fully recover.

That is why there are very strict laws for phone use by truck drivers. They cannot hold a phone and cannot dial any numbers that involve more than pressing one button while they are driving. They also can only use hands free devices which are close to them. They cannot even reach for a phone that they cannot reach while sitting normally with the seatbelt fastened. There are strict penalties for those that do, which include expensive fines. In addition to these penalties, the truck driver may need to compensate victims if their actions cause an accident.

Trucks are an important part of the economy in Pennsylvania, but it is important that they are driven properly to ensure the safety of the other vehicles on the road. Therefore, there are strict rules for truck drivers regarding phone use as well as many other aspects of driving. If truck drivers break these rules and cause an accident, the victims may want to seek compensation for their medical bills and other damages associated with the accident. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of truck accidents and may be a useful resource.

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