Pennsylvanians Should Focus on Motorcycle Safety This May

People in Pennsylvania have certainly noticed that the weather is finally getting warmer. People will be getting outside more and more. This includes people who will be out riding their motorcycles on the roads. So, as the number of motorcycles on the roads increases, it is important to remind the other drivers on the roads to watch out for them to avoid motorcycle accidents. That is why the month of May has been designated National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Drivers need to make sure that they double check their blind spots to ensure that a motorcyclist is not there. Motorcycles are much smaller than automobiles and can sometimes be missed when people are checking their blind spots for other cars and trucks, so a second look may be necessary. It is also important that drivers signal their turns, so motorcyclists know when the vehicle is changing lanes and can react accordingly. Other vehicles should also drive at a safe distance behind motorcycles and avoid tailgating.

The reason it is important to highlight these safe driving tips is because many motorcyclists are struck each year by other drivers. Many times the motorcyclists also suffer significant injuries or even die due to the lack of protection they have. There is nothing protecting them from being thrown off their motorcycles and hitting the road or other objects on or near the road.

These injuries can be very devastating and can be very costly as well. The victim may require surgeries and long-term rehabilitation. The medical bills can add up very quickly. The victim may also be unable to work while they recover, which means they may lose income as well. These victims may want to seek compensation for these costs in order to ease the financial burden.

Unfortunately not all drivers in Pennsylvania will follow the tips mentioned above and will hit motorcyclists as a result. The motorcyclists can find themselves in a very difficult situation both physically and financially. Therefore, they may want to determine if they can pursue compensation for the financial burdens from the driver responsible for the accident.

Source:, “National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month,” American Trauma Society, May 4, 2018

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