How Can You Prevent a Truck Crash?

Truck accidents are a serious problem across the United States. These vehicles weigh thousands of pounds and can easily crush passenger vehicles that they come into contact with.

As someone who wants to stay safer around trucks, it’s a good idea to think carefully about your actions. If you are driving when the weather isn’t good, and there are still trucks on the roads, there are a couple things you can do to keep yourself safe.

Always place distance between yourself and the other vehicle

To start with, you should put a good distance between your vehicle and the truck. For example, if there is a truck behind you that seems to be trying to pass you or that is too close to you, move over into another lane or slow down so that the truck driver also has to slow. If you can pull over and allow them to pass, that’s the best thing to prevent them from getting too close and potentially causing a rear-end collision.

Don’t be afraid to make noise

If there is a truck ahead of you that you want to pass, it’s possible to use your horn and lights to let the driver know. Flash your lights or honk so that you know that the driver is aware of you, then continue to pass. If you are passing and see the driver start to come into your lane, these same actions could prevent a crash.

Mixed weather conditions can make it harder for trucks to stop, so do all you can to put more space between your vehicle and the truck and to alert the driver to your presence. These actions could save your life.

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