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Get Your Loved One the Help They Need After a Case of Neglect


In a nursing home, there are requirements that the staff must meet in order to keep patients safe. Some of those requirements include providing:

  • Adequate shelter
  • Appropriate food and enough food
  • Appropriate clothing for the season
  • Medical care in a timely fashion
  • Supervision
  • Bathing services
  • Assistance with dressing or getting to and from the restroom
  • Failing to do these simple tasks can hurt an elderly person’s ability to survive in the facility without injuries or illnesses. No elder should have to struggle to get by without the necessities, and it is illegal for nursing homes not to provide patients with what they need to remain comfortable as much as possible.

How does the Nursing Home Reform Act help?

The Nursing Home Reform Act is a federal law with significant regulations. The law states that nursing homes are required to have a few features including:

  • A sufficient nursing staff
  • Appropriate supervision levels
  • Comprehensive care plans for all patients
  • Assistive devices
  • Treatment devices
  • Services that carry out the normal daily tasks residents will need to complete

Not complying with these regulations can result in a violation of the federal law and civil penalties. In some cases, criminal charges could be placed depending on the impact the violations had on patients. For example, if your loved one is hurt due to a lack of appropriate treatment devices being available or a nurse willfully permitting your loved one to go without assistance, then a criminal charge could be filed.

Our site has more on nursing home abuse and what to expect if you file a case against a nursing home.