Helping Families Confront Nursing Home Neglect

Making the choice to place a loved one in a Pennsylvania nursing home is not easy. This decision likely comes after an extensive period of research, and it takes a certain amount of trust to place a family member under the constant care and supervision of another. It can be devastating when the facility staff violates this trust and a loved one suffers because of some form of nursing home abuse.

Nursing homes are obligated to provide a certain standard of care and adequate supervision to patients. Neglect can take many forms, and patients can suffer physical and emotional pain because of it. When neglected, patients may wander off, not get adequate medication and develop medical problems. When they do not get the care they need and deserve, victims of neglect are often unable or unwilling to speak out and explain what is happening.

Pennsylvania families may not be aware of negative things happening in a loved one’s nursing home. They may start to notice certain things that could indicate neglect, such as the development of bedsores, weight loss, worsening of medical conditions and depression. These things may be signs that something is amiss.

When nursing home neglect occurs, a family has the right to speak out on behalf of a mistreated loved one. It may be possible there are grounds to move forward with a civil claim. Speaking with an experienced legal ally can help a family understand the specific legal options available and provide guidance as they move forward.

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