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Maximizing a Workers’ Compensation Claim


When a Pennsylvania worker suffers an injury on the job or becomes ill as a result of his or her job, it can result in more than just injuries and time away from work. It can lead to serious and substantial financial loss as the employee and family must grapple with issues such as medical bills and lost income. It is crucial for any injured or ill employee to get all of the support available through a workers’ compensation claim.

An employee can secure these benefits by filing a claim with the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider. While these benefits exist to protect the rights and interests of both the injured party and the employer, it can often be difficult to get benefits. The insurance company may try and deny the claim completely or give benefits that only address some of a worker’s needs and losses.

Workers’ compensation benefits cover lost wages from missed work, medical bills and more. If the injured party is unable to return to work for any reason, a workers’ comp claim could also cover temporary or permanent disability benefits. In some cases, a worker can use these benefits to get the support he or she needs to find a new job or return to work.

When filing a workers’ compensation claim, a Pennsylvania employee will find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney who understands the process. With help, an injured worker can maximize a claim and not leave any money on the table that may be available. With the right help and support, it is possible to get better and move forward after a work accident.