Drowsy Driving Endangers Everyone on the Road

When a person considers dangerous driving habits, distracted driving, speeding or reckless driving may come to mind. These are all choices a person can make that can needlessly endanger every other person on the road. Another action that can increase the chance of a serious accident is drowsy driving, though it’s not always seen as dangerous.

Most Pennsylvania drivers probably get behind the wheel while fatigued from time to time, but there is a distinct difference between being a little sleepy and dangerously fatigued. When a driver is drowsy, it slows reaction times and makes it more difficult to make smart choices on the road. In many ways, a sleepy driver reacts like a drunk driver.

Drowsy driving is responsible for thousands of crashes every year. Everyone is responsible for making smart choices behind the wheel, including knowing when they are not in a condition to drive safely. Signs that a person may be too tired to drive include blinking rapidly, difficulty concentrating, drifting from a lane, and missing a turn. These are all signs the driver should pull over, stop driving and get some rest.

If a person causes an accident because of drowsy driving, he or she is responsible for damages caused by this negligent choice. Pennsylvania law allows victims to pursue compensation through a civil claim filed against the party believed responsible. After a car crash, an injured party can get an explanation from a personal injury attorney of the legal options available through the civil justice system.

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