Putting the Pieces Back Together After a Truck Accident

A truck accident can irreparably change the life of the victim and his or her loved ones. Because of the difference in size and weight between a semitrailer and smaller passenger vehicle, even a low-speed collision can result in catastrophic consequences. Trucking companies and their insurance providers will work hard to minimize liability and shift blame after a truck accident, and it can be difficult for a victim to get what he or she needs for a full and fair recovery.

There two reasons that many truck accidents occur, driver negligence and company negligence. These types of collisions are complex, and victims may be unsure of exactly what happened and how they can pick up the pieces after such a serious and traumatic event. A thorough accident investigation by knowledgeable professionals is essential to a potential civil claim.

A trucking company or insurance company may offer an amount of money that is not truly representative of the value of the victim’s claim. They may even try to blame the driver or another third party for the accident. Reconstruction of the accident scene can be vital to identifying exactly what happened, who is responsible and how to move forward.

Pennsylvania truck accident victims will find it beneficial to work with an experienced personal injury attorney. Reaching out as soon as possible after a crash can be helpful for the preservation of important evidence. It is beneficial to first seek an assessment of the case, which can help reveal the legal options available and determine whether a civil claim is viable.

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