Can Technology Reduce Truck Accidents?

There have been many advances in safety technology for trucks in recent years. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that increasing technology can help to make a safer vehicle.

Forbes suggests that by advancing the safety technology in trucks on the road right now there could be a reduction in truck accidents. The estimate is it could help prevent about 63,000 accidents.

Four key technology changes

There are four specific changes that could tremendously assist in reducing accidents. Video-based onboard safety monitoring systems make use of sensors and cameras to monitor driver behavior. It allows employers to give feedback and to catch bad driving behaviors that could lead to accidents. Automatic braking system will brake without user interaction if the system detects a possible collision.

Lane departure warnings can help ensure a driver who may be tired or not paying attention will know if he or she leaves the lane of travel. It sends an alarm that refocuses the driver. Using air disc brakes rather than drum brakes is a good move as they perform better. They also require less maintenance.

The value of change

One of the main reasons why trucking companies do not install these new safety technologies is that they worry about the cost. The fear that it would cost too much and not benefit profits is not only terrible in that it puts profits above people but also research shows it is not true. Adding these safety devices can reduce costs and increase efficiency for a company.

With cost concerns out of the way, the benefits are huge. These safety technologies can pick up where human error occurs, making drivers safer and preventing accidents.

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