Negligent Security Sometimes Leads to Violent Attacks

The night has arrived. That means it is time for you to go home. Under darkness, you leave the restaurant and head straight for your car after an evening of socializing with friends. Then it happens. You are jumped from behind, beaten and robbed. The assailant has stolen your phone and wallet filled with cash, leaving you beaten and bruised with injured ribs, an orbital fracture and dislocated shoulder.

This should not have happened, but it did. A poorly lit parking lot likely played a role in your assault. This represents a clear-cut situation of negligent security and premises liability. The restaurant – the business – must protect its customers in every way possible. It fell far short of that as darkness provided the right cover for the villain to wait, pounce, attack and escape.

Poor lighting, non-working cameras

Property owners have the legal obligation to protect members of the public who visit their sites. Parking lots not only should be repaired to prevent slip and fall injuries, but well lit to help prevent violent attacks. The same goes for common areas at hotels and public places as well as stairwells and parking ramps. Security staff also must be present.

This list represents some of the reasons that violent attacks take place on properties:

  • Poor lighting: No one deserves to be assaulted by an assailant hiding in the shadows of a parking lot or ramp. However, inadequate and, in some cases, no lighting at all provides the ideal cover for criminals to launch an attack.
  • Non-functioning security cameras: Shockingly, some property owners take a lax approach to monitoring their security cameras and functionality. This is just what criminals like to hear. Security staff rely on working cameras to keep an eye on protecting the public.
  • A low number of security staff or poorly trained staff: This issue represents another shortcut made by property owners. Employees represent one of their biggest expenses. Sometimes, they hire few members or rely on inexperienced security who often do not recognize certain dangers.
  • Doors and windows with easily pried locks: A criminal can easily break into premises that have inadequate or non-functioning locks. In such situations, they can rob and attack hotel guests.

The negligence of property owners can lead to many things. One of them includes violent attacks on the public. Security always should remain a priority for them and so should the protection of anyone who visits their properties.

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