What Are Some Signs of Road Rage and How Can You Deal With Them?

Sharing the road with someone with road rage can lead to an increasingly large chance of an accident.

In order to know when someone feels agitated, make sure to note common signs of this phenomenon.

Yelling rude replies

According to CNN Health, drivers who scream out their car window at other people often take steps toward violence by getting out of their vehicle and escalating the situation. This problem may occur when a driver is already emotionally on edge and is looking for someone to take his or her pent-up aggression out on.

Try turning on the radio to drown out the noise, and do not reply or engage with the person making the rude gestures.

Following you closely

Aggressively and continually tailgating another car is a sure sign of anger. People who switch lanes erratically or swerve in front of on-coming traffic in order to follow another driver often are experiencing intense road rage.

It can be nerve-wracking to try to proceed as usual while someone else is following you. Do not speed up, and make sure to stay in your lane, since escalating the issue will only increase the chances of an accident.

Using the horn excessively

Sometimes a driver will honk multiple times while following you. Excessive horn usage is typically meant to annoy other cars or to intimidate you into pulling over or leaving your vehicle. By maintaining a normal following distance and avoiding any interaction with the irritated driver, you can distance yourself from this problem.

Noticing these warning signs of anger can help you avoid people with road rage.

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